Percussion Academy

Conductor : Steve Jones


Cory Connection

Wantage Percussion Academy is an ensemble at Wantage Silver Band led by Steve Jones, principal kit player with the Cory Band, the worlds No.1 brass band. They play a repertoire of mainly pop and rock influenced music utilising a huge array of instruments including drum kit, tuned percussion, auxiliary percussion, timpani drums as well as bass guitar.

New Members

Several members also play in other groups within the organisation, including 2nd and 4th section contesting bands who compete at both local and national level. Wantage Percussion Academy invite new members to join them, applicants should have some experience (at least one year) of playing percussion. Anyone with less experience should enquire with Youth Band, led by Sara Jane Wallbridge, Beginner Band led by Judith Atkins, or Trainer Band led by Brian Thomas to get the best entry point.